About Yoga Prasada Hong Kong

The name of Prasada is from a Sanskrit word which literally means gracious gift. Yoga is a gift from nature to create brightness and calmness in ourselves and transform us into our highest 'Self'. Prasada is most sacred that there is no restriction of anyone to take prasada. Yoga Prasada offer yoga to everyone without any restriction and we believed that yoga should be no boundary and limitation. 


Our classes are on focus from Sivananda yoga tradition. Through the teaching of classical hatha yoga to build up balanced of life with harmony and purification. Sivananda Yoga is named after an Indian spiritual teacher Swami Sivananda Sarawti and spread by his disciple Swami Vishnudevananda to the West. The classes are pre-designed structure with a well thought-out sequence of the 12 main posture which is specifically designed by Swami Vishnudevananda for the full benefit to the students physically, psychically, mentally and spiritually. 


The method is based upon five principles:

1.  Proper exercise (Asana)

2.  Proper breathing (Pranayama)

3.  Proper relaxation ( Savasana)

4.  Proper diet (Vegetarian)

5.  Positive thinking (Vedata) and meditation (Dhyana)

Our studio located in kwun Tong just 3 minutes from Kwun Tong MTR station. We only specialty in providing yoga classes in Kwun Tong and focus on deliver quality yoga classes in clean, tidy and calm yoga room with comfortable waiting area for yoga practitioners.

Our Teachers

In Yoga Prasada, teachers are passionated about yoga and willing to share their knowledge as they have benefit from practicing yoga. Teachers are international quilified and well trained in order to provide a safe environment for practicing yoga and great respect for different needs.

Arati Sandy 

Arati has been practicing yoga since 2007. In her first yoga class, she falls in love with yoga because of the beautiful asana and the feeling of calmness. Her first trip to India in 2009, she was attracted by the beautiful sari and atmosphere of the ashram. After the trip, she went back to normal busy life and worked hard for good salary and title from her job but she was feeling emptiness of the success. There are always question in her mind regarding life. In year 2012, she decided to quit her job and started 8 months journey to find the truth and real happiness. She had no idea why choose India and yoga but she knew the reason now.

She met her Guruji Swami Govindanada , Swami Tatwarupananda and Swami Nivedanananda in Sivananda Yoga Vidya Petham, Varkala India. Her spiritual name Arati (means total happiness and brightness) was given by her Guruji. The study of yoga philosophy and the experience of yogi life opened her eyes. With the encouragement of the Guruji, she dedicated herself to yoga teaching and spread spirituality.