Group Yoga Classes
HK$170      1 class

HK$600      4 classes
HK$1,050   8 classes
HK$1,350  12 classes

HK$1,600  16 classes


Flying Yoga Classes
HK$250        1 class

HK$850        4 classes
HK$1,350     8 classes

HK$1,800     12 classes

Lunch Classes


HK$110  1 class

HK$400  4 classes

HK$650  8 classes

HK$780  12 classes

HK$880  16 classes

All lunch classes are in 45 mins


Private Class

Minimium Charge $780

Please contact us for further informaion


Company Class

Please contact at email or call us at 61509525 for further information

No Membership Fee!
No Contract!
Enjoy your yoga classes with freedom.
We offer Trial Class 
Yoga $110
Flying Yoga $180 

Important Notice 


  • All prices are in Hong Kong dollars

  • All prices include teaching fee, yoga mat and yoga block. Please feel free to take your own mat or props and we will provide free storage

  • All packages are valid for 6 months

  • Payment by Cash or Cheque only

  • All classes are Cantoneses. Bilingual base on request

  • Typhoon 8 or Black Rain signal all classes cancelled and studio repoen 2 hours later after signal removed

  • Boiled water will be provide, please bring own cup and save paper cup 

  • Yoga is best to practice on an empty sotmach so eat lightly or 2-4 hours after a meal

  • Please arrive studio 5-10 mintues before your class to allow yourself preparing for class. All classes start on time