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Beginner Course

A gentle class, ideal for beginners, that focuses on sun salutations, the 12 basic postures and a final deep relaxation. The basic asanas in the Sivananda sequence are traditional postures that have been practised for centuries. Relaxation is an essential part of this style. It allows the body and the mind to release unnecessary tensions and to integrate the benefits of the physical practice. At the end of the session, you feel re-charged and inspired.

Continues learning after completed the Beginner Course, ideal for intermediate to advanced. A static practice An advance practice after the Beginner ecstatic practice of long hold asana varying from class to class with all kinds of poses, pranayama exercises, chanting, meditation and mindful relaxation.

Hatha Yoga 
Yin Yang Yoga 

This class blends the elements of yin & hatha yoga. The class begins with basic asana to promote circulation (prana/energy), then shifts to deep, long, holding poses to affect the connective tissues of the body, and cultivate a peaceful and meditative mind. Ideal for all levels.

Yin Yoga 

Contious learning after completed the Beginner Course. Exploring the body's subtle energies with long, deep stretching that focuses on the connective tissues of the body, and cultivates a peaceful and meditative mind.
Ideal for all levels.